Have you found a swarm of honey bees?


BBKA Swarming Support

As a first step, please identify the type of bee you have found. The BBKA web site can help you with this.

We are only able to deal with honey bees that can be safely reached and removed.

If you have a swarm of honey bees, the BBKA web site also gives a link to find a local BBKA swarm collector.

BBKA Swarming Page

Not honey bees?

If the insects are not honeybees, the BBKA website shows you how to tell other insects apart, and what to do after that. Find out what to do


If you’ve identified your swarm as honey bees, notify one of our Swarm Liaison Officers closest to your postal code.


Check here for up-to-date local and national announcements. We’ll provide information on anything that concerns the world of Beekeeping.
    Current Alerts

    We continue to be on alert for the Asian Hornet

    There is a helpful Asian hornet identification sheet and poster on Beebase along with a fact sheet outlining how to make an NBU design Hornet Monitoring Trap, and what baits would be suitable during the different seasons of the year.

    See:    http://www.nationalbeeunit.com/index.cfm?sectionid=117